Monday, January 23, 2006

Life, Or Something Like It

Last night I was at the grocery store bending down to rescue a can of peas from the deepest confines of the bottom rack when I suddenly feel a sharp hard pinch on my behind. I jump up, can in hand, ready to turn around and shove it down the throat of my molester only to see a sweet old lady standing there with a vague smile. I think, “No way. It can’t be her. Look at her. So little and harmless. Aww. Maybe it was a kid who ran away.” And as I am thinking this I suddenly see her hand start to dart out towards me again, fingers taking form, getting into position for another pinch. I yelp and jump back. Damn! It was her! The little lady, suddenly startled, starts flailing her arms about and making panicked sounds. I am torn between laughter and concern.

Turns out the little woman, 90 if she’s a day, had wandered off from her posse, strolled into the canned goods aisle mistaking it for the produce section and seeing me bent over like that had suddenly developed a hankering for watermelon. You can’t really blame her. I was wearing a green pinstriped suit. Besides, as her family apologetically explained, grandma’s a little senile and nearly blind.

Moral of the story: Sometimes life happens when you are not looking, sometimes it catches you square in the face, sometimes it passes you by and sometimes it pinches you in the butt in the middle of a grocery store aisle. There are messages everywhere - opportunities, cues - waiting for you to pick them up.

I just wish I knew what the message was last night.


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