Tuesday, February 28, 2006

All's Well That...

In my entire life I have only had three dreams that involved people I know or know of. Generally, I never dream about friends, family or coworkers. I don’t even dream about strangers on the bus or movie stars.

The first dream, from high school, involved a boy in my class I had only noticed in passing until then. He was nice but a little quiet and not part of my group. The dream wasn’t about him. I am still not sure what it was about. In the dream I had long wavy hair (my hair was short at the time) and I was running around in a sun-drenched meadow on bare feet wearing an ethereal white dress. Not running around like I was trying out for an Olympic gold but in a dreamlike, surreal sort of way. And then suddenly the meadow fell away and I was standing in the middle of this long, narrow stone walkway jutting out into the ocean. The vibrant sunlight was gone too and the world was shrouded in a blanket of pale gray while a soft rain fell in a fine drizzle. I stood there on the walkway, cold from the rain, my hair and dress whipping around me in sudden gusts of wind. And then, just as suddenly, I was back in the meadow and it was bright and sunny again. That’s where I saw the boy and he said to me, "Not that way. You are going the wrong way." I was about to turn left or right but when I heard this I turned the other way.

I don’t remember the rest of the dream. I don’t remember if it affected any of my decisions in the next few days or what the outcomes were if it did.

The second dream was way too obvious and Freudian.

The third dream was Sunday night.

I was sitting at a bar when George Clooney came up to me and struck up a conversation. We started flirting, engaging in some very witty verbal repartee(which I do not remember much of but it was all very clever and scintillating at the time and he was completely captivated, you will have to take my word for it). The rest of the dream was him pursuing me with flowers, gifts, even serenading me from the street below as I stood on a really crappy, narrow fire escape and yelled at him to go away. Of course, in true Hollywood fashion we still ended up locked in a passionate kiss at the end of it. (Sell out!) But then I redeemed myself by turning him away at the last minute.

And then last night, after work, I reluctantly went to a happy hour. I protested that it was Monday, that I had to hit the gym because I skipped the last two days and I am falling behind on my marathon training, that I didn’t really like any of them enough to hang out with them after work (all true statements) but to no avail. So, I went, watched my coworkers get drunk, ignored the advances of a few other drunken men, chastely sipped my diet coke and then came home.

And ignored the blinking light on the side of my phone that indicates I have messages.

God, I get more unsocial every day. Even in my dreams.


Blogger Reviewer "Devil" Extraordinaire said...

One of my recent dreams involved me walking out on Joss Stone. She stood outside my window and sang "I'm spoiled". Then we ended up kissing on the fire-escape.

A god-awful muddle of Pretty Woman and Say Anything ! Sheesh !

2/28/2006 12:02 PM  
Blogger cherchezlafemme said...

Aww, that's cute.

Now that you mention Pretty Woman though. I always liked the movie but I didn't like Richard Gere so maybe my subconscious recast it with George Clooney.

2/28/2006 1:54 PM  
Blogger Reviewer "Devil" Extraordinaire said...

Well, very few people can do the charming a**hole routine as well as Richard Gere.

George Clooney has too much of the nice guy vibe. Otherwise he would have made a fabulous James Bond. Very few men can pull off the bow-tie tux with panache. And Clooney is one of them.

PS : I am rooting for him to win the Best Director for "Good Night and Good Luck", but have a sneaky feeling Ang Lee would win it.

2/28/2006 4:49 PM  
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