Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Door

I have been thinking about that green door. There is something about that unassuming door with its little sign and the one single lightbulb swinging in the breeze that pulls at my heartstrings.

The first time I went there was right after moving here. My coworker J, when she heard that I had just relocated, said, "Oh, we have to take you out and show you around." A few days later I found myself standing in an outdoor mall with a giant shopping center on one side, a big glass-windowed restaurant on the other and a tiny green door inbetween. She pointed and said, "That’s where we are going." Since then I have been back many times.

I like that it is simple, almost defiantly so like it is daring people to keep walking past. It doesn’t want to be noticed by everyone. The door knows that someone will find it and it is willing to wait, not craving the attention of every passerby. Maybe like Shakespeare’s Bassanio I am attracted to things that do not glitter. In a world so driven by fame, fortune and attention it is rare to find things or people that are willing to stay hidden. Like a dew drop on a blade of grass that traps a rainbow inside, a simple green door that opens to a crowded restaurant or a meagre lead casket that hides the portrait of the beautiful Portia there are treasures secreted in the simplest, most easily overlooked things. And those are the ones that interest me the most. But I wonder, does that - the secret, the solitude - heighten my pleasure?

John told me this morning that the food was good but not great which surprised me because I have always thought it was the best in town. Maybe the ambiance has something to do with it. Maybe there is something about the path not trodden by many feet that has a certain appeal. Or maybe it is the quiet confidence of a deliberate simplicity that defies anyone to judge it by the common rules. Whatever it is, it just works for me.


Anonymous Neil said...

In every fairy tale, there is always a door that isn't supposed to be opened -- so of course, the heroine has to open it.

2/22/2006 10:51 PM  
Blogger cherchezlafemme said...

And no one is more fairy tale heroine than me.

2/28/2006 1:55 PM  

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