Monday, February 13, 2006


or I Need A Hobby - Part 3: The Conclusion

On Sunday morning I went down to a local art store and picked up some supplies. A sketch book and some pastels. The pastels are beautiful. Creamy, soft and smooth with incredible color payoff. The sketch book is twice the size of a normal drawing book. Yes, I got a bit carried away there as I found out when it came time to pack. The bloody thing wouldn't fit into my cabin bag. But oh well, you got to live a little. (and yes, my idea of living it up is clearly very different from most people's). I did this drawing on the plane. The stems need work but my in-flight neighbor seemed to regard it (and me) with awe and admiration so it can't be too bad (he could just have been the easily impressed kind though). Besides, the sheet was white so I did the whole textured, aged background thing too.

Other things to try in 2006:

1. Photography
2. Jewelry making
3. Dress design
4. Daytrading
5. Herb gardening
6. Dance lessons - salsa, tango
7. Scuba diving or sky diving (or both)

That is, in addition to the things listed in my *Things* post.

Some people get back at their exes by making out with a lot of people. I am going to get over mine by becoming very accomplished at a lot of little things that probably won't matter to anyone but me. How's that for a plan!


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