Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In A Sudden Fit Of Inspiration

I have gone from wanting to make omelettes to wanting to cook smothered lamb chops in homemade garlic-butter sauces with sides of shiitake mushroom and tossed green beans with slivered almonds and finely diced shallots. Now I remember why I don't cook more often. The last time I tried I went directly from boiling water for tea to wanting to make an authentic 99-step 3 hour risotto.

A few hours ago I was standing in my kitchen, at the end of an uncharacteristically (for me) long day that started with a 6 am wake up call to give me time to compose and post my first ever digital photo collage followed by a 9 hour workday, 2 hours of gym, ½ hour of grocery shopping and several hours of random obsessesive photographing of anything and everything, contemplating my newly acquired Whole Foods Market bounty and a random assortment of spices that *sounded* like they will go well with lamb trying to figure out how to convert all this raw material into a delightful finished product when, thankfully, John called.

I have been told on what I assume to be good authority (i.e. by self-proclaimed dating experts) that you are not supposed to accept invitations from men at the last minute but when you are standing in the middle of your kitchen at 8 pm staring at raw meat you can't always be picky. Now that I think of it, I am not even sure John actually asked me to dinner. I just said yes.

We went to this little Japanese restaurant. I like this place. From the outside all you see is a very ordinary green door with a small, aged restaurant sign directly overhead dimly lit by one lone 40 watt lightbulb. It is kind of squashed in between a big international grocery store and a swankier eatery so that most people would probably walk right by without even noticing it. Inside it is just as tiny and cramped as you would expect it to be from the outside. But the food is amazing. The broiled swordfish steak with wasabi sauce is to die for, the hamachi is really spicy (which is how I like it), and the fatty tuna practically melts in your mouth. I think what I like best about their food though is that it is simple and unpretentious yet complex and tasty. If I were food that's the kind of food I would want to be.

After I got back home I realized it was a good thing I went out. I don't know how to make smothered lamb chops in homemade or any other garlic-butter sauces.


Blogger beefdrop said...

I wrote this huge response talking about fun things to try with different recipees, experimenting with herbs, etc, and then I realized that I was just going on and on, so I erased it, and decided to tell you that i did so, um, to share my awareness of my tendency to go on and on.

2/22/2006 3:03 PM  
Blogger cherchezlafemme said...

That's too funny.

3/01/2006 1:21 PM  

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