Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In a New York State of Mind

And just when I thought New York had finally faded out of my consciousness and into the majestic mountains that surround me, it's back. The longing.

I wasn't born in NY, it is inarguably not the cleanest, safest or the nicest smelling place in the world and I am not even sure I liked it all the time while I was living there. -- I know I did not like the time I got gum stuck to the bottom of my pants in Times Square. I did not like the time some 6 ft 200 lb guy pushed me out of the way to grab the cab that I had hailed. And I definitely did not like it when after a really long day at work my train got stuck on the tracks due to some mysterious "mechanical problem" for the third time in one week. -- And yet I miss it. What is it about the city? It's like a guy you can't forget except the guy-you-can't-forget does eventually fade from your memory but the city lingers on.

I guess the thing about New York is that you have a sense of belonging that you don't have in other places. Most cities are just places to live while New York can feel like home. And as someone who will never visit her childhood home again because it no longer exists maybe what I really miss is a place to call home. What I have to remember, what I need to remember, is that it's people who make a home, not places.


Blogger Reviewer "Devil" Extraordinaire said...

I have never lived in NYC either. But I fully agree with you. The charm of that City is unlike another.

In many ways NYC is like the perfect woman with just enough imperfections to put you at ease.

She is well-dressed, loves the arts, a penchant for dry humor/sarcasm, enjoys fine dining as well as chinese takeout from the hole in the wall and has attitude. Sure, she will cut you off in the middle of a sentence or leave her apartment dirty.

Maybe this fall...

6/21/2006 2:33 PM  
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