Thursday, June 29, 2006

The No-Diet Diet, 7 Day Recap

Foods eaten - 6 bowls of cereal, 6 cups reduced fat milk, 1 Denny's pancake breakfast with real butter and syrup and 1 cup of coffee; 3 grilled chicken salads, 2 veggie wraps and 2 boxed lunches at company seminar; 2 cilantro burgers with salad, 2 Trader Joe's frozen Thai Green Curry, 1 Morton's Steakhouse NY steak and salad, 1 Bertolli's sausage and rigatoni and 1 trip to the Dim Sum place with friends; 1 tin of The Chocolate Factory bittersweet chocolate, 6 pcs of sugar-free butterscotch candy over the week and 1 chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bar to celebrate Sunday; - approximate calories: 1 million

Total workout - 7.5 hours of biking, 2 hours of dancing and 4 hours in a sweltering hot kitchen; - approximate calories burned: at least a half million

2.5 lbs lost in 1 week - priceless.

Okay, so I am not going to win any new diet revolution award but turns out eating the way your mother taught you along with exercise actually works. Who would have thought?