Friday, June 09, 2006

What I Want Now

6 drawer Havana lingerie chest
I have stopped obsessing about buying a place only to start obsessing about decorating it. Never mind that the "place" is not ready to be decorated or will be for at least 6 more months. But thanks to a little thing called floor plan coupled with an imagination that, unlike reality, is not constrained by either a budget or lack of space I have found a way around that: the internet. The internet, that last frontier in vicarious living brought to you by rapid mouse clicks, my ally, my friend, ... and a surprisingly non-judgmental one at that who, unlike real friends, will never say things like "You can't buy that!" nor pipe up at the most unfortunate moment with an "You can't afford that" to ruin my pleasure. Okay, so yes, I don't need a roomful of new furniture but it's cheaper than therapy.


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